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Hello, my name is Loretta Rossini, and  the owner of Illuminations…Guided, Imagery, Hypnosis, and Reiki, in Portland, Oregon, I am a certified consulting hypnotist as well as a Reiki Master.

My office is conveniently located off the I-205 freeway near Mall 205.  10424 SE Cherry Blossom Drive, Portland 97216.

I truly believe in the integrity of hypnosis and Reiki in assisting the body, mind, spirit and emotions in the healing process.   They each help guide us to our place of center, where we can then live our life with a stronger sense of peace, calm and strength.

Both of these alternative healing modalities were integral in my personal life journey, so much so, that I wanted to be able to provide them to others.

All client sessions are private and confidential.     I’m a graduate of the NW Hypnosis Institute, Inc. in Portland, Oregon,  a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists™ and the Northwest Reiki Association.

  Illuminations…Guided, Imagery, Hypnosis, and Reiki, in Portland, Oregon.  Just over the I-205 bridge from Vancouver, WA.

To schedule an appointment or for questions regarding Hypnosis sessions and Reiki therapy call 503-522-7303

Thirty minute complimentary consultations.

A side note about me.

I live with Fibromyalgia, which for me brings along, Chronic Fatigue.   And have found that my body has a Gluten Intolerance.  Hypnosis and Reiki both have been very beneficial in the management of pain.

Along my journey of learning more about how to holistically manage the foggy brain, sadness, stress, digestion, etc., that for me came along with Fibromyalgia, a family member told me about Sherry Brescia, MSHN and Holistic Blends.   Holistic Blends, has been and continues to be one of my treasured resources for nutrition, digestion and health information, in addition to quality natural health supplements. Thought I would pass along this offer as you might also find it useful.


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